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Prevent Gallery to display the photos in certain folder

My children likes to play with my phone, they like to see what are the photos inside with Gallery. Problem is - sometime friends just sent me some photos via Whatsapp which are not really suitable for the viewing of children,

So I need a way to prevent these photos to be displayed in the Gallery. I know the location of these folder in my phone but how do I instruct Gallery not to display them?

A quick research from Google recommend two methods:

1. Put a dot in-front of the folder you want to hide. For example - .Test
2. Put a file with name of .nomedia on the folder where you want to hide.

Below just want to share my experience on implementing these two methods.

Method 1
The folder can be renamed via the File manager inside the phone. Alternatively you can download some 3rd party tool to do this.

Lastly you can connect the phone to your laptop and rename from Windows Explorer.

The result was actually instant. The moment you put a dot in-front of the folder, Gallery will not show it.


PureSlim Kitkat R1 -First Impression

It took me a few days to study and finally upgraded my cell (Sony Xperia Ion) from the Jellybean to Pureslim KitKat R1, a customized ROM.

Before I forget, just like jot down some problems I have encountered while using this new version.

Cannot choose song as ring toneWe always know how boring the built-in ring tone. At the beginning, I cannot choose a song in my cell as a ring tone - simply just no button available for me to choose. 
Somehow this was resolved by installing ES File Explorer, then suddenly there is a pop out screen for me to choose the song.

Cannot see the expansion storage Due to some unknown reason, the built-in File Manager cannot see my additional memory card - sd1. All it shows was just the native card - sd0.

Again, ES File Explorer came to the rescue.

Battery icon not showing percentage used The original battery was a circle which show no info at all. I had to pull down the status bar each time in order to see the battery percentage.

Later I found a way :  Settings -…

Command prompt tips

When you are already in command prompt, you want switch to another folder. However the path for another folder is really too cumbersome to type.
For example, you want to switch to: "C:\Windows\System32\en-US\Licenses\_Default\Enterprise"
Here are some quick tips:

Method 1  Paste the folder path into command prompt

1. At the command prompt, type: "C:\> cd "  and stop there.

2. Open the folder from Windows Explorer

3. Click and hold on the yellow folder in title bar,  drag it to the command prompt window
4. The path would appear automatically in the command prompt window.

Method 2  Use tap repeatedly in the command prompt window
On the command prompt window, just press tap repeatedly, windows will show you all the folder within. Just release when you see the folder you want.
It is is just like ALT+tab in the GUI.

Method 3  Open Command Window Here
Open the path from Windows Explorer. Press Shift and Right Mouse Click on the folder, you will see there something with t…

WhatsApp emticon for iPhone

Been using WhatsApp on iPhone for a while. One of the biggest complaint was that WhatsApp for iPhone is different from WhatsApp for Android where there is no emoticon icon. I can't really express my feeling.

Then only I realized there is actually a built-in keyboard in iPhone where you can just type emticon. Go to Settings -> Keyboards -> Add New Keyboard.... -> choose Emoji.

When you want to type emoticon, just switch keyboard to Emoji and you are done.

Windows 2012 - WIFI and audio

This is the scenario - I just setup Windows 2012 on a laptop, HP EliteBook 840. This laptop was designed to run Windows 7 / 8.
Now the first problem after setup is that I saw many unknown devices under Device Manager. Furthermore the WIFI and audio is not working.

Now the unknown device obviously is because of the drivers. So I went to the HP web page and try to get some drivers from there. The problem is HP provided only Win 7 / 8 drivers for this laptop, there is no Windows Server OS drivers.

So I guess HP just think that no one will be using the this laptop for Windows Server installation, so they don't bother to provide it.

Alright, alright, not too difficult. At least those Windows 7/8 drivers can still run under Windows server 2012.

Next I found out that there was only wired connection available, I cannot see any WIFI connection. So initially I thought it's the driver problem again. So I installed the WIFI driver downloaded from HP page. Now after installation, I can see…

Zoomed photos

Probably I haven't seen many zoom effect, I was pretty impressed by the zoom result from Canon Powershot SX700.

The red circle on the left photo is where I did the zoom. The right photo is the result of the zoom.

Anyway, I need to find out how to see what is the zoom factor of the right photo. Plus I also want to find out how a zoomed video looks like.

Viewing shared folders in Windows 2008 /2012

In Windows 2003 server, when we right-mouse-click on the My Computer, it opens the Computer Management. From there you click on "Shared Folders" -> Shares, you will be able to see what are the shared folders in the server.

In Windows 2008, things changed. When we did a right-mouse-click on the My Computer, it opens Server Manager instead. From there we have to click Roles -> File Services -> Share and Storage Management, then only we can see the list of shared folders. Furthermore the display speed is slower as compared to Windows 2003.

A faster way to do this is from Command Prompt:

c:\> start compmgmt


c:\> start storagemgmt

This will bring us to Share and Storage Management directly.

Personally I feel that the display of shared folders in Computer Management is faster than Share and Storage Management. 

Cut mp3 to ringtone

Sometime instead of the whole song, I just want the certain part of a song to be my ring tone. iTunes has an awkward way to achieve this and the seems like the result is only supported in iPhone.
I used a freeware MP3 Knife last time - an simple and excellent software. Latest version is 3.6 so far.
However now I noticed that there is even a free online version for this purpose:

Steps are pretty simple:

Upload your mp3Decide where you wan to start and stop with the indicatorCut and download back to your PC.