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Prevent Gallery to display the photos in certain folder

My children likes to play with my phone, they like to see what are the photos inside with Gallery. Problem is - sometime friends just sent me some photos via Whatsapp which are not really suitable for the viewing of children,

So I need a way to prevent these photos to be displayed in the Gallery. I know the location of these folder in my phone but how do I instruct Gallery not to display them?

A quick research from Google recommend two methods:

1. Put a dot in-front of the folder you want to hide. For example - .Test
2. Put a file with name of .nomedia on the folder where you want to hide.

Below just want to share my experience on implementing these two methods.

Method 1
The folder can be renamed via the File manager inside the phone. Alternatively you can download some 3rd party tool to do this.

Lastly you can connect the phone to your laptop and rename from Windows Explorer.

The result was actually instant. The moment you put a dot in-front of the folder, Gallery will not show it.