PureSlim Kitkat R1 -First Impression

It took me a few days to study and finally upgraded my cell (Sony Xperia Ion) from the Jellybean to Pureslim KitKat R1, a customized ROM.

Before I forget, just like jot down some problems I have encountered while using this new version.

Cannot choose song as ring tone

We always know how boring the built-in ring tone. At the beginning, I cannot choose a song in my cell as a ring tone - simply just no button available for me to choose. 

Somehow this was resolved by installing ES File Explorer, then suddenly there is a pop out screen for me to choose the song.

Cannot see the expansion storage

Due to some unknown reason, the built-in File Manager cannot see my additional memory card - sd1. All it shows was just the native card - sd0.

Again, ES File Explorer came to the rescue.

Battery icon not showing percentage used

The original battery was a circle which show no info at all. I had to pull down the status bar each time in order to see the battery percentage.

Later I found a way :  Settings -> Interface -> Status Bar -> Battery Status Style, change it to Icon Portrait. Also need to click Show Battery status percent on the next line.

Default program

Need to install back the default program like Facebook and Youtube


This calculator is a bit weird. Initially I cannot find the percentage button. Realized later you have swipe to the next screen to get that, then swipe back to the left to continue on calculation.

For example, if I want to find out 1000x20%. First of all, I need to key in "100 x 20" on the first screen, then swipe to the right hand screen to click on the "%" button, swipe it back to click the "=".

No Chinese input language

Surprisingly I couldn't find Chinese language in the keyboard input. Have to download a third party program from Google play for that.

Pending task

  1. Do not know how to do screen shot
  2. Failed to get the "Cast screen" to work.(This is the major reason I upgraded to this version).
  3. Suddenly cannot connect to Smart TV with HDMI cable. There was no problem before the upgrade. 


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