Command prompt tips

When you are already in command prompt, you want switch to another folder. However the path for another folder is really too cumbersome to type.
For example, you want to switch to: "C:\Windows\System32\en-US\Licenses\_Default\Enterprise"
Here are some quick tips:

Method 1  Paste the folder path into command prompt

1. At the command prompt, type: "C:\> cd "  and stop there.

2. Open the folder from Windows Explorer

3. Click and hold on the yellow folder in title bar,  drag it to the command prompt window
4. The path would appear automatically in the command prompt window.

Method 2  Use tap repeatedly in the command prompt window
On the command prompt window, just press tap repeatedly, windows will show you all the folder within. Just release when you see the folder you want.
It is is just like ALT+tab in the GUI.

Method 3  Open Command Window Here
Open the path from Windows Explorer. Press Shift and Right Mouse Click on the folder, you will see there something with the name of "Open Command Prompt Here". Just click then you will be at the path you want in Command Prompt.


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