Viewing shared folders in Windows 2008 /2012

In Windows 2003 server, when we right-mouse-click on the My Computer, it opens the Computer Management. From there you click on "Shared Folders" -> Shares, you will be able to see what are the shared folders in the server.

In Windows 2008, things changed. When we did a right-mouse-click on the My Computer, it opens Server Manager instead. From there we have to click Roles -> File Services -> Share and Storage Management, then only we can see the list of shared folders. Furthermore the display speed is slower as compared to Windows 2003.

A faster way to do this is from Command Prompt:

c:\> start compmgmt


c:\> start storagemgmt

This will bring us to Share and Storage Management directly.

Personally I feel that the display of shared folders in Computer Management is faster than Share and Storage Management. 


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