Windows 2012 - WIFI and audio

This is the scenario - I just setup Windows 2012 on a laptop, HP EliteBook 840. This laptop was designed to run Windows 7 / 8.
Now the first problem after setup is that I saw many unknown devices under Device Manager. Furthermore the WIFI and audio is not working.

Now the unknown device obviously is because of the drivers. So I went to the HP web page and try to get some drivers from there. The problem is HP provided only Win 7 / 8 drivers for this laptop, there is no Windows Server OS drivers.

So I guess HP just think that no one will be using the this laptop for Windows Server installation, so they don't bother to provide it.

Alright, alright, not too difficult. At least those Windows 7/8 drivers can still run under Windows server 2012.

Next I found out that there was only wired connection available, I cannot see any WIFI connection. So initially I thought it's the driver problem again. So I installed the WIFI driver downloaded from HP page. Now after installation, I can see the WIFI adapter is functioning properly. However still I cannot see any WIFI connection.

So does Microsoft disabled the WIFI dunction purposely because they thought it doesn't make sense to have WIFI connection on server?

After some search from Google, I found out that we have to install the "Wireless LAN Service" in order to use the WIFI function in Windows 2012.

I did the installation and yet WIFI still not working. 

Finally I had to re install the WIFI driver, then only the problem can be resolved. 

Another issue is that the audio in Windows 2012 won't work even though I have installed the driver. It seems like we have to enable the audio to get the sound.



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