How to convert the DVD movie to mp4 with subtitle burn in.

Initially I thought DVD are some sort of long lasting media. Somehow I just noticed that my Jonathan Creek DVD started to give me problem when I tried to play them after a long while I left them in the cupboard. 

Especially my season DVD now totally cannot play at all. So to avoid further loss, I decided to convert my full set of Jonathan Creek DVD to mp4. 

I used to use a free software call with the name of "Freemake Video Converter". It was pretty easy to use and straightforward. However after some version update, now the free version will add a water mark on the video  that you just converted. 

So I deiced to use other free tool for the conversion. After some research, I found that there is no one single step that can really convert DVD to mp4 for free. It requires two freeware in two steps:

Step 1 : Use DVD Decrypter to rip the DVD to hard disk.
Step 2 : Use Handbrake to convert file on hard disk to mp4. 

Both software are pretty easy to use. Somehow there are some steps we need to take note. So I just did some screen shot as a self reminder.

1. Launch DVD Decrypter

2. Select IFO from Mode.
3. Under Tools -> Settings -> IFO Mode, change "File Splitting" to None. 

If you choose "By Vob ID", that means each story will go to individual file.

4. Select the Destination. 
5. Once the conversion is done, you will see files that begin with VTSxxx. 

6. Launch Handbrake.
7. Under Video, choose video to be 15. 
8. On Subtitile screen, Add in another track and set [VOBSUB] to "Burn In". (This will allow the subtitiled to be displayed in mp4 after the conversion. )

9. Enter the destination folder and file name.

10. Click "Start Encode"

Once conversion finished, you will see the mp4 file appears in the destination folder.


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